A filler treatment
performed in Ghent?

Thanks to fillers, you enjoy a radiant, youthful look day in and day out. Perfect lips or beautiful, tight skin around the eyes? No problem! Getting rid of a small imperfection on your nose? You got it! With fillers, it's all possible. Fast, effective and virtually painless.

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Different areas you
can treat with fillers

We have listed below all the available areas where you can apply fillers to regain a radiant, youthful look. Click on the links to learn more about each of the treatments.

1. Lipfiller

2. Nose filler

3. Teardrop Filler

4. Chinfiller

5. Jawline filler

6. Cheekbone filler

7. Nose mouth crease

8. Marionetlijnen

8. Haarfiller

Dangerous areas in filler injections, find out more here

For more than 10 years the specialist
in filler treatments in Ghent

Sarasin Clinic, which now has more than 13 highly specialized staff members in all kinds of aesthetic treatments, has in recent years emerged as the specialist for fillers, injectables & botulinum in Ghent. All our aesthetic physicians have several years of experience in placing fillers, and some are truly authorities in their field. Moreover, as a patient, we always inform you about how good preparation and aftercare can optimize the effect of your treatment.

Not only women, but men have now discovered fillers as well. Fillers provide a sleek, youthful look to your face. See our results and prices for yourself and be convinced.

  • Aesthetic physician with +10 years of experience
  • From our private clinic in Sint-Martens-Latem
  • In comfort & with respect for your privacy
  • Comfortable & virtually painless
  • Highest standards of safety & hygiene
  • Open & transparent pricing policy

Find all the information you're looking for about fillers in one of our many videos!

OUR guarantee

We go for complete customer satisfaction every time

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4,8 / 5

Our estheticians, skincare and other specialists are bound by one common goal: to achieve the most perfect result for you, the patient. We do this by placing the highest demands on both ourselves and our suppliers & products. At Sarasin Clinic, we therefore only work with fillers & injectables of the very highest medical quality.


positive reviews

2 days ago


Super satisfied already, top team!

11 days ago


Smooth, everyone friendly, you get clear information, my lips look super sexy now!

4 days ago


Friendly reception and beautiful result.
There is sufficient explanation during the treatment and aftercare.

12 days ago


Honest advice, personalized welcome! Extremely friendly and professional. I immediately felt at ease. Top team!

6 days ago


Super friendly staff and doctor! Very satisfied with the treatment! Love my lips 😍

12 days ago


Very friendly, good explanation, good service.

11 days ago


Très bel.accueil! Dr Daniel super et soins supers! Je retourne ds 8 semaines....

14 days ago


Like previous times a fine experience, with beautiful results! Your wishes are listened to and explanations are given. Fair price agreements, I am satisfied 👏