Liquid Facelift:
Rejuvenate and shape your face

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are increasingly popular as an alternative to plastic surgery, including anti-wrinkle injections and fillers at Sarasin Clinic. Our experts produce remarkable results with the liquid facelift, which can create a fuller, more youthful appearance without surgery.

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What exactly is a
Liquid Facelift?

A liquid facelift is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses fillers and/or anti-wrinkle injections to give the face a fuller, more youthful appearance without the need for plastic surgery. The goal is to improve facial contours, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and restore volume loss.

This treatment is performed by a qualified esthetician and no recovery period is required.

Who is a Liquid Facelift suitable for?

A liquid facelift may be appropriate for people who want to reduce signs of aging in the face, such as wrinkles, fine lines, loss of volume and sagging skin, but do not want to undergo invasive surgery .

It may also be suitable for people who want a natural-looking result without a long recovery period.

A suitable candidate for a liquid facelift should generally be in good health and have a realistic expectation of results. However, it is important to discuss this with a qualified and experienced physician to determine if this treatment is appropriate for your specific situation and needs. 

What is the process of treatment with a Liquid Face Filler?

Below you can see in steps how a treatment with liquid face fillers goes.

liquid facelift filler treatment step by step

Result & aftercare of a Liquid Facelift treatment

  • Avoid makeup for 4 hours and avoid strenuous exercise on the same day.
  • Do not use acidic products for 24 hours and avoid spas, saunas, facials or hot yoga for 1 week. 

The effects of a liquid facelift are immediately visible after treatment.

Price of a Liquid Facelift treatment

The price of a Liquid Facelift treatment varies, and depends on how much product is needed. For 1 syringe, the cost is $280. Keep in mind that a Liquid Facelift usually requires multiple syringes.

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Shape your face, shape your future

When you are confident in your looks, you exude confidence. The days when every plastic procedure required surgery are thankfully long gone. Thanks to fillers, you can quickly and painlessly enjoy the look you've always dreamed of.

Frequently asked questions about
a Liquid Facelift in Ghent 

Will I need to undergo follow-up treatments?

The need for follow-up treatments after a liquid facelift varies from patient to patient and depends on several factors, including the amount and type of filler used, the anatomy and metabolism of the patient's face, and the desired results. Some patients experience sufficient improvement after the first treatment and do not require further treatments, while others may require follow-up treatments to maintain the desired results. Usually, patients who are satisfied with the results return after about 6 months for a touch-up, if needed. However, it is always best to consult your esthetician for specific information about your individual treatment plan and any follow-up treatments.

How does a Liquid Facelift treatment proceed?

Since each patient is unique, there is no standard protocol for performing a liquid facelift treatment. Our estheticians begin by evaluating the patient's face and discussing their medical history and wishes. The amount of filler used is determined by the doctor's assessment and the patient's aesthetic goals. Sometimes local anesthesia is used, this can range from a numbing ointment to an injection of Xylocaine. At Sarasin Clinic, we usually use fillers with a dose of lidocaine to reduce pain. The use of ice packs can also help reduce pain and swelling. After a detailed discussion with the patient, the skin is cleaned and disinfected. If necessary, anesthesia is applied and then the filler is injected. A full liquid facelift requires an average of 3 to 4 injections of filler. After treatment, there may be bruising and swelling, and sometimes patients experience that one side of their face improves more than the other. If necessary, a follow-up appointment is scheduled for monitoring and any additional treatments. At Sarasin Clinic, our patients receive detailed post-treatment instructions and safety information regarding their treatment.

How long does the result last?

The duration of the results of a liquid face filler treatment can vary and depends on several factors, including the anatomy and metabolism of the patient's face, the volume of fillers used, and the type of filler used. In general, the effects of a liquid face filler treatment can last from several months to a few years. However, many patients find that the results last longer the more treatments they have undergone. Over time, the patient's body is supposed to break down the filler, gradually reducing the results. If the patient desires even more volume or improvement, a follow-up treatment may be recommended. It is always best to discuss this with your treating physician, as each patient is unique and has different needs.

What after the treatment?

After treatment, you may move the injected areas as normal. Be sure not to massage or rub the injected area for the first 48 hours after treatment unless specifically recommended by the doctor.

After treatment you may experience bruising or swelling, it is then recommended to cool the area with an ice pack. The swelling and bruising will go away after a few days.

Furthermore, you should not exercise for 24 hours after the treatment and not visit the sauna or tanning bed for two weeks after the treatment. 

Is a Liquid Facelift dangerous?

As with any medical procedure and treatment, there are risks associated with the use of liquid face fillers. However, if the treatment is performed by a qualified and experienced esthetician and if the patient is well informed and follows the doctor's instructions, the risks are generally low. It is important to note, however, that side effects may occur, such as swelling, redness, bruising and, in rare cases, infection and scarring. Therefore, it is important to have the treatment performed by a licensed and experienced doctor and to report any medical conditions and allergies before the treatment.

Is filler treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful. You may experience some pressure during the injection, and may see some bruising afterwards. However, this is uncomfortable at best. Our patients describe treatment with fillers as not painful.

What is the recovery process after a Liquid Facelift?

It is normal for patients to experience bruising and swelling that lasts for about 48 hours after a liquid facelift. Sometimes one side of the face may appear more enhanced than the other; this is often because the patient's facial features are naturally somewhat asymmetrical. Usually this disappears on its own after a few weeks. If the doctor deems it necessary, a checkup appointment is scheduled about two weeks after treatment. Follow-up treatments for lipFillers are usually required. Our patients receive comprehensive aftercare instructions and safety information regarding their treatment.

How long does the effect of a Liquid Facelift last?

How long the effect of a liquid face filler treatment lasts depends on several factors, including the anatomy and metabolism of the patient's face, the volume used and the type of filler. Typically, satisfied patients return after six months for any touch-ups. Further follow-up appointments are recommended for patients who were satisfied from the beginning or for those who desire more volume and want to achieve the desired result.

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